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  • Will GDPR boost the customer experience!?

    Will GDPR boost the customer experience!?

    On the contrary…. in only 15 months and 9 days the consumers will have more influence over how marketers can use their personal data. The purpose of the new e-Privacy directive and GDPR is...

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  • Agile Marketing hysteria

    Agile Marketing hysteria

    Just home from the MarTech 2016 conference in London and one key take away is that EVERYONE is talking about Agile Marketing – which truly was fantastic! On the other hand, another important...

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  • Why I am offered filter coffee when I don’t even have a coffee maker?

    Why I am offered filter coffee when I don’t even have a coffee maker?

    The companies I come across often have really neat Customer Strategies, but when I take a closer look at what I personally receive from these companies something doesn’t add up. ICA are...

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  • We are hiring!

    We are hiring!

    Are you passionate about marketing and help others optimize their marketing and customer dialogues? Do you have experience in marketing automation, marketing and/or CRM earlier? Have you worked in...

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  • Real Customer Experience

    Real Customer Experience

    Customer Experience is a word that is mentioned more and more often, but there are many different interpretations of what actually provides a great Customer Experience. Many marketers have...

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  • Welcome to our blog!

    Welcome to our blog!

    From January 2016 we will publish a blog post each month. The blog will focus on areas that we have passion for and extensive knowledge within. Follow us on this journey and get tips on how you...

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